The Talent Management Link “Know, Grow and Engage



The “Know, Grow and Engage” framework enables the us provide expertise in the area where your business requires focus. We tailor the approach
to your needs, and can support you in mapping out your overall Talent Management strategy or provide specific expertise in one area.

Know talent

Are you identifying the best talent for your business through state of the art selection techniques?
Do your line managers have the skills to make the best selection decisions?
Is your talent on-boarded effectively when they start?
What is High Potential Talent? Are your leaders able to distinguish talent? The Talent Management link can help you build robust strategies, programmes and initiatives to help Know Talent.


Grow talent

Developing your talent effectively is an art that unfortunately not many organisations can boast.

The Talent Link helps you build the right processes and skills in the area of performance management,
career and succession planning and internal resourcing. We build and deliver bespoke development
initiatives that focus on balancing the right blend of on-the-job experience and challenging assigments with coaching, mentoring, training and action learning.


Engage talent

Where are your employees on the engagement scale? Engagement requires a work environment that does not just demand more but promotes involvement, information sharing and collaboration; provides learning opportunities and ensures that employees are cared for and empowered - with one key ingredient: TRUST.

We can support your business in building bespoke interventions to measure and build engagement.

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